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As an experienced educator, instructor, teacher, professor or someone who wants to share own knowledge and experience, Oshieru can help you share that treasure with your students.

Online learning is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Many companies and education institutions have fully adapted online learning platforms and tools, especially after the COVID-19.

Creating and serving online courses is becoming more and more important for educators and anyone who is earning money by selling their knowledge and skills. Of course, when comes to the online teaching, the proven best way is teaching trough a video content. Some people learn best by reading textbooks, but most of the people tend to understand and remember by receiving the information by visual means.

Here comes so wide usage of the online video content. Now it is rare to find a website or web application that does not implement or use any kind of video material. For the sake of this, Oshieru offers secure sharing of your educational video content with your students.

You can always create only textual content, implement images, schemas or whole documents within your lessons on our platform, but we encourage you to sublime your knowledge into a video content. If you decided to create your video course, there are some quick hints that might be helpful:

Decide your perfect TITLE

Title that will immediately catch the attention to your potential future students. Short enough to fit in one row, to the point that will be easily understandable for your targeted audience.

Decide your video recording method

Recording method can be:

  • Screen recording course, a method widely used especially in the IT courses where the most of the work is done by PC. There are a variety of applications that can capture video and audio from your PC screen. We believe you can find and use the one that would be most suitable to your needs.
  • Video recording course – Either the teacher or the recorded actions appear in the video content, often as a picture in picture.
  • Video animation course - using animation characters can help explain the concept in a clear and visual way. Also, some people do not want to appear in the camera, so an animation can be another choice.
  • Hybrid of any or all of the above.

Make your plan and schemas

Plan how will you structure your course. Either it will be a one lesson or divided into units grouped into a sections. This will give you more overview into the whole course structure and you can always make a changes to it according to the needs while making the content.

Do the actual work

  • For a professional video, please use a quality camera, a well-lit room that will allow isolation from any background sound, a suitable place for recording where there will be no audio distractions. The speech should be clear and easy understandable for your students, and professional audio should not contain any background noise (like passing cars, loud neighbors or crying babies) 😊
  • Sometimes educators tend to use a text-to-speech and speech-to-text tools as a helpers for creating the audio or textual content.
  • We recommend using a green screen background if you make a self-recording, so you can easily implement your video into the other video content.
  • Review your recorded video and try to find if there is a room for improvements. It is a good practice to ask someone else to see your recording and give a constructive feedback. It is a rare case when the first recording is the successful one.
  • Record narration audio if you plan to implement such into your video content.
  • Use a video editing software to sublime and edit the content into a video lesson(s).

Supporting material

Gather and prepare any additional textual and multimedia content (documents, images, schemas) that can support your main content.

Publish your course on Oshieru

We believe you have now a masterpiece ready to be published on our platform 😊

What next?

You made a professional educational content. Now with our platform you can sell your knowledge and earn money, automate the examination process, create and issue certificates for the accomplishments and communicate with your students about any inquires.