Oshieru - Terms of use

Oshieru’s mission is to bring the knowledge right to those who seek it. We help teachers to share their knowledge and skills with their students, anywhere and at any time. To keep our platform and services safe for anyone that uses it, we need some rules - Terms that apply to all accessible parts of our application. Please read below for details of the terms of use regarding the accounts on our platform, educational content, access to the educational content, payments and finance management, risks and rights.


For most of the interactions on our platform, like accessing the content, purchasing content or subscription, creating and publishing courses, interacting with course authors and our support team, you need to create an account.

Valid email address and accurate and complete information must be provided when creating or updating your account.

You are responsible for your account and everything that might happen to your account, other users or our application by improper handling, giving your account to another user or if someone uses your account without your permission. Please always take care about the security of your account by:

  • Choosing a secure password,
  • Keeping your password secure,
  • Do not (and you may not) transfer your account to another person,
  • Securing your device you use to login on our platform and using a secure network.

If you notice any kind of security breach to your account, please contact our support team as soon as possible and provide us with information that will help us to identify you as an owner of your account.

If you lose the access to your account, along with an access to your email address, please contact our support team through the contact form. We might ask you to provide us with proof for your identity.

We will not be responsible for any disputes between course authors and course subscribers caused by sharing the account login information with other users.

The account will be suspended or terminated if we suspect that:

  • User is sharing the account credentials with other person(s),
  • User has no adequate intellectual copyrights on the content to publish and/or sell,
  • User uploads malicious content that may harm our application or other users data,
  • Uploaded content introduces racism, national or religious agitation to other user
  • Uploaded content is not meant for education, has adult, explicit sexual or is meant to generate violence,
  • Content is illegal (introduces pedophilia, classified documents),
  • User tries or make unauthorized access to educational content or other parts of our platform, attempt for hacking our application or our database,
  • User is using our platform to send messages with offensive, disturbing, or advertising content,
  • Account is used for illegal, unlawful purposes.

In above cases, we will inform the owner of the account. We have the right to suspend the user account at any time if we suspect that the user is violating these terms of services.

The owner of this account may have given a period of time for a dispute to our support team regarding the above. After this period, the account will be permanently closed. If the terminated account has paid published educational content with subscribers, the amount on the payment account associated with this user account may be used to fully reimburse the subscribers that have purchased the content if the content is also terminated.

You can close your account at any time. If there is content associated with your account which other users have purchased or subscribed on, this content will still be available to those users for the period of the subscription. However, this content will no longer be available publically to other users on our platform.

Please be aware that if you close your account, you won't be able to visit your payment account through our platform, which means you won't be able to see the payments/finances you have received.


All the purchases for the salable contents on our platform are made through our payment system provider.

Payment account

The payment account is needed in order for you, as an author, to sell educational content.

Payment accounts are powered by our Payment system provider.

Payment accounts on the Payment provider system can be created only through our platform.

Our platform mediates between you and the Payment system provider, allowing you to create a payment account, make purchases and provide you with financial info.

We collect information from the Payment provider system in order to allow access to purchased content and serves you with the financial info on the dashboard.

Each user can create only one account through our platform. This account is unique, and is connected to our platform account. Account owners can access, read the data and make configurations on its payment account through our platform.

Users are responsible for inserting correct information on their payment account. We will not be responsible for any financial loss caused by wrong inserted information on the payment accounts during its creation or updating.

Payment account owners can overview payments, money transfer processes and financial security management on the Payment provider system.

Sale of educational content is only possible if the connected payment account is active and enabled for charging cards and payouts. This information will be shown on the user dashboard after the payment account is created on the payment account section.

We will not be responsible for any financial loss or errors that might arise in the financial transaction process or on the connected account due to:

  • Errors that may arise on the Payment provider system,
  • Due to the wrong setting or wrong data entered in your payment account,
  • Giving, sharing or allowing other person(s) intentionally or unintentionally to access your account on our platform. This includes improper security handling with sensitive information like use of an open unprotected public network or user device is being compromised (e.g. device infected with malicious software).

Application fee

Using our application in its entirety for creating, posting and maintaining the educational content, is free. You pay us only a percentage of your earnings from each individual sale.

Additional services that fall under the corporate or educational packages of our application are charged separately through a subscription model.

By publishing a paid educational content, authors agree to pay us the application fee as arranged. We have the right to change the application fee percentage at any time. We will inform you well before, if such changes occur.

The application fee is defined in a percentage and varies depending:

  • If educational content has been purchased from our platform or from an external website with a payment link that we provide,
  • If the content is being promoted,
  • If the content is sold within a corporate or educational institution subscription (Workspace package).

Payouts from your connected account on the Payment provider system will be periodically transferred to your bank account. Please refer for more details on your dashboard of your connected payments account.

If the educational content is being sold in a different currency than the one that is set as a default for the account, the payment system provider may charge additional conversion fee. Current conversion fee on our payment system provider is 2% (It may change and we have no stake or influence on the calculated rate).

We have the right to change the application fee at any time. In this regard, we will inform you in advance.

See here the details on application fee


Generally our platform offers a possibility for refund.

Educational content (course) subscribers are entitled to a 100% refund within the first 3 days of purchase, or 80% of the course price within the first 30 days of purchase. Regarding this, refund can be requested and issued:

  • If the course content is not offering what the subscriber required,
  • If the Subscriber is not satisfied with the quality of the content.

Extended possibility for refunding depends on the authors of the content. In such a case, the author decides the period and percentage for refund from the content price.

We will not intervene and are not responsible for any disputes regarding the refund requested after 30 days of purchase.

Students are eligible to receive a refund 80% of the price if the educational content becomes unavailable after the period of 30 days of purchase if the content has been deemed as improper, unallowed or published without proper rights and has been canceled from serving on our platform.

If the author decides to withdraw the educational content from our platform for any reason, students will be given the option of a refund of 80% of the price of the content or the option of having the content downloaded.

In the latter case, students who purchased the content will be able to download the course within one month of the decision to withdraw it. After the period of one month, the course will not be available.

The educational content that will be available for download continues to retain copyright, which means that students can use the content and will have the rights to use the content only in accordance with these terms of use.

Users that have purchased the recalled educational content will be notified via email of the possibility of a refund or download.

Refunds are initiated only at the request of the user who purchased the educational content. We will not issue a refund on any basis without a claim being initiated.

Users can initiate a refund request through our platform dashboard or by contacting our support team.

The possibility for a refund or for a download will be time-limited to one month from the moment of delivery of notification for the same. During this period, users who have purchased the content will be able to submit a refund request on our platform. After the expiration of one month in accordance with the above, We will have no responsibility for refunding or further enabling the download of the content.

We will not issue refunds for purchased educational content in the event that it becomes unavailable due to a major disaster or force majeure. In this case, we will continue serving the educational content as soon as the internet services allow it.

All refunds will be deducted from the account of the author of the content / the holder of the payment account that has received the payment.


When you purchase a paid educational content, you agree to be charged the amount of the content price and authorize us to charge your debit or credit card and process the payment.

If you get subscribed and receive access to the paid content even if the payment method fails, we will inform you to pay within 14 days of the message. If we don't receive the payment for the content after this period, we will disable the access to that educational content.

Educational content authors - Instructors

Educational content authors (in the following text - authors), by publishing the content on our platform, give us a right (license) to sell and allow users to access and view the content.

Authors can not represent another person's content without proper intellectual copyright, meaning, they can only publish a content if they are the sole owners as its producers or have appropriate rights to publish and sell the content. We may ask the authors to provide a proof of identity when publishing a content through our application.

We may review content for compliance with the terms of use before approving it for publication. In any case, if the content is found not to be in accordance with the terms of use after it has been published, Oshieru shall have no responsibility for its possible illegitimacy or inappropriateness, inadequate copyrights or other reasons that may render the content blocked.

It is the sole responsibility of the content authors to keep to the terms of use and the intellectual property laws when publishing the educational content on our platform. For details about allowed educational content on our platform,  please see part 4. Educational content.

We may inspect the content in order to check its eligibility and observance of copyright, but often that may not be technically possible. In regard to this, we will be not responsible if the published content does not comply fully to the terms of use, violates others intellectual copyrights, is illegal, is not meant for education or can generate disturbance, offense, nationalism, racism, religious hatred toward other groups, or simply has advertising purpose.

The same applies to communication between the author and students through the messaging system, questions and answers or the rating or review system on our platform.

If the published content or the content of the messages is being found or reported to violate our terms of use in general, we have the right to disable the content and terminate or suspend the account.

If the termination of the published content causes financial damage (the content has subscribers), we reserve the right to refund the damage to the subscribers from the author's payment account.

We keep the right to continue to serve the educational content even after the author's account is suspended, if the content has subscribers and does not violate the terms of use.

Authors can not disable the published paid content if the content has subscribers.

Content managers

Content managers can be assigned to educational content by the author. Content managers have almost all the privileges as the content author, except deleting the content or assigning a payment account to the educational content.

Content managers may be assigned for the following purposes:

  • To edit/update the content,
  • To be assigned as content instructors,
  • To receive the payments (content authors can assign some of the managers payment account to receive the payments from the purchases of the content),
  • To correspond with the subscribers on messages, questions and answers and comments.

Content managers may not be assigned in order to get access to the paid content without subscription as a sole reason.

Content managers have the same rights and obligations towards these terms of use as the authors.

If any financial loss or damage arises towards the content, other users or their accounts, or towards our application by some intentional or unintentional malicious or illegal action of the content managers, it will be the sole responsibility of that assigned manager.

In this regard, we may also count some of the responsibility for such actions to the author and issue a warning to the author for taking adequate measures to repair the damage.

If we or other users suffer a loss caused by content managers, we have a full right to charge the associated payment account or author payment account to compensate for the damage caused or to suspend the author or content managers accounts.

Interaction with the instructors

We technically allow communications between authors and students, but we can grant access only to the content. We do not grant a communication with the author nor we can intermediate in it, if authors decide to abandon the content or they are not reachable any more for any reasons.

Instructors, by publishing the content, are strongly encouraged to be involved in its further updates, comments, maintaining the question and answers page and communications with their subscribers through the messaging system.

Educational content (courses)

(Does not apply to educational content created within a corporate or educational institution functionality and is used internally)

Teaching, or educational content is the content that the instructors are publishing on our platform in order to be available to others as paid or free content. Educational content is reflected as such since its only purpose on our platform is for education.

By publishing the content on Oshieru, authors make us eligible to offer the content to other users or sponsor the content by online marketing. In this regard, users that purchase the content or subscribe for free, get rights on the content to view it on our platform, or, in other terms, have the right to use the content for private, educational, non-commercial purposes.

Subscribers may not:

  • Copy the content except if there is no given permission by the content author,
  • Access or attempt to access the content without authorization,
  • Use the content in original or any modified version to resale, rent, lend, publish, broadcast or present,
  • Share the account and/or give access to other persons to the content they have purchased,
  • Post any unlawful, illegal, offensive content in the messaging system, Q&A or comments section.

Subscribers may download the content only if there is a given permission by the authors or by us in case content serving on our platform is due to be discontinued.

If the authors or users notice any improper or unauthorized use of the content, we urge them to immediately inform our support team.

Paid content has a lifetime access, whether the free content can be accessible within the limited period. However, authors who publish free content can always extend its accessible period.

The published educational content will not be approved for publication or will be disabled if:

  • Is Illegal (content that is not allowed by the law in the country of the account, or by international laws). Authors have sole responsibility to know, understand and abide by those laws,
  • Is offensive or disturbing, content that may introduce national, racial, religious, sexual or psychological harm to others,
  • Has sexual, explicit sexual, content that includes or implicates on pedophilia,
  • Author has no adequate copyrights to publish and sell the content.

In such cases, the author will receive a notification to remove or change the content.

Additionally, published educational content will not be approved for publication if does not satisfies some minimum requirements:

  • Content must have title, short description and assigned instructor. Paid educational content also must have price and currency and assigned payment account,
  • Must possess a reasonable amount of content information that will make it countable as an educational content.


Our platform is open for anyone that wants to use it to educate or learn. This means that anyone can post content, comments and messages to interact.

We do not edit the posted content and we can not review it if the content is fully legitimate, accurate, true or legal. In this regard, you are using Oshieru at your own risk. Information that you receive from the educational content on our platform are given by the authors, who have sole responsibility regarding its validity.

If you find that the content does not abide by these terms of use, please inform our support team. However, we will not take any responsibility regarding the content and will not remove it from our platform if the content is in accordance with the legal rules or the community standards.

Following security guidelines such as using a secure internet network, devices, sharing sensitive information with the author or students through our platform is entirely your responsibility. You bear the risk of any damages incurred due to the loss or misuse of your data through the use of our platform due to carelessness, sharing with others and improper management of your data or device.

In some of the educational content, you may come across links that lead to external content. You fully assume the risk of any damage incurred when opening external links from the educational content on our platform. Please also always read the terms of use of the platforms to which the mentioned external links lead.

This also covers the risks of injuries when performing physical exercises that you have seen in the educational content from our platform. You assume the entire risk of injury, disability or death caused by the practice of content such as sports, nutrition, wellness and the like.